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iCAT Solutions Launches Online Contents Processing University

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iCAT Solutions Launches Online Contents Processing University

University of Modern Contents will help contractors expand and refine their contents divisions

TORONTO — iCAT Solutions Inc., a leading software provider that offers training and cloud-based solutions to help restoration contractors manage and grow their contents restoration business, will soon open the University of Modern Contents.

The online university is a national training initiative to help contractors expand their contents operations with a focus on the customer experience. It will offer comprehensive instruction on issues pertaining to managed quality control, volume processing and operating within a technological infrastructure, as well as best operational and business practices.

“Until now, there has been a lack of cohesive contents education that focus on the business and operations of contents restoration. The majority of existing training and certifications have been built around single cleaning technologies, which can hinder the growth and sustainability of a contents division,” said Riaz Walji, managing director of iCAT Solutions. “We found that as contractors begin introducing technology into their contents division, they often reanalyzed their current processes and operations and found that they needed help.”

According to Walji, much of the support iCAT offers is on the operations side rather than technical support, as the caliber of contractors who engage with the company are often hyper-focused on building or rebuilding their contents division.

“At the University of Modern Contents, we can now provide education instantly on the most up-to-date methodology for contents processing, from the packout process to packback, warehousing and marketing — our core curriculum is guided by Modern Contents principles,” Walji said. “We are serious about helping our contractors succeed.”

The University of Modern Contents provides basic through advanced training on a range of subjects, including volume processing, quality control and customer service. It also incorporates traditional testing to ensure comprehension and retention of core concepts. This serves as a valuable part of new employee training for contractors using iCAT’s industry-changing technology in their day-to-day business operations. The university is based on the concept of Modern Contents, which leverages technology to improve customer service, quality control layers, volume processing and more.

“By opening the University of Modern Contents, we are helping contractors reach the top of their game,” said Walji. “Streamlined contents operations means higher efficiency and improved accountability, which can have a powerful effect on a company’s bottom line. We’re helping contractors and contents organizations build a more educated workforce that’s up to date on the latest methodology and technology in the field. At iCAT Solutions, we are always mindful of the needs of the industry. This university is unique, offering education that has previously been unavailable, but which has also been desperately needed.”

iCAT Solutions is leading the Modern Contents movement, providing cloud-based software and patent-pending technology solutions to help contents restoration companies grow their businesses.


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Belfor Property Restoration Announces Partnership with iCAT Solutions

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Belfor Property Restoration Announces Partnership with iCAT Solutions
Cloud-based software to offer greater ease and transparency to contents operations

BIRMINGHAM, MI — Belfor, a world leader in property restoration and disaster recovery, has announced that it will implement software by iCAT Solutions to manage its contents operations in the United States.

The software leverages cutting-edge mobile packout technology and cloud infrastructure to provide real-time data transfer between field teams, clients and central offices. iCAT has made major technological advancements in the property industry through continuous innovation, enabling contractors to elevate the level of service they offer their clients.

After an in-depth evaluation and trial process during Hurricane Sandy, Belfor determined that iCAT Solutions’ software offers a significant advantage over other contents operations packages currently on the market. The software allows field teams to catalogue onsite data quickly and easily. The result is a better-coordinated effort, greater transparency for clients and partners and faster project turnaround.

Being able to coordinate the efforts of multiple individuals in real time is a particular benefit identified by Belfor. The software fuses the company’s approach to contents so that it can deliver consistent product and customer service across the country, unifying and strengthening Belfor’s overall brand.

“Belfor is truly a worldwide industry leader, and we are very pleased to partner with this high-profile company,” said Mitchell Rogers, AVP of Sales at iCAT Solutions. “We look forward to working with the team at Belfor now and into the future as we continue to deliver top-notch software solutions for contents operations.”

About iCAT Solutions:

Powered by Modern Contents Processing Principles, iCAT Solutions offers cataloging and tracking software which provides their clients with real-time content tracking, operational transparency and efficiency.  For more information on the company and its solutions, visit

FRSTeam Adds Value Through Partnership with iCAT Solutions


FRSTeam Adds Value Through Partnership with iCAT Solutions
Technology to improve delivery of fabric restoration services

MARKHAM, Ontario – iCAT Solutions has announced that it will deliver value-added technology solutions to the products and services of FRSTeam, a leading fabric restoration company.

Through the partnership, FRSTeam will leverage iCAT Solutions’ unique pack-out and reporting technologies, integrating them with the various services the company offers. This will allow FRSTeam to continue to serve as innovator in the soft contents restoration industry.

“We are always looking to raise the bar when it comes to fabric and garment restoration, and this partnership with iCAT Solutions will allow us to do just that,” said Courtney Nicholas, CEO of FRSTeam. “Our goal is to constantly be an industry leader, making it as easy as possible for our customers to work with us. These enhanced technologies and transparent reporting capabilities give us a true advantage.”

FRSTeam provides fabric restoration products and services to individuals and families across North America, restoring clothing, window coverings and household fabric items damaged by smoke, fire, water, mold and other issues. The company works with insurance carriers, homeowners and contractors to restore soft contents, and is one of the largest and most progressive franchises in the industry.

Although FRSTeam is already known for its exceptional technology-driven claims process, the partnership with iCAT Solutions allows its team to add another layer that significantly improves its service delivery. The process started when several of its franchise locations began experimenting with iCAT software, including its potential to enhance operations, customer service and marketing efforts. FRSTeam’s corporate office soon noticed the buzz and began exploring iCAT Solutions as a national program for the company.

“While in many cases it’s the corporate office that pushes policies down the line to franchises, in this case it was a handful of franchise managers who shared our software with the FRSTeam headquarters,” said Alex Gerchikov, Technology Director at iCAT Solutions. “We were very pleased to see our work with FRSTeam grow organically in such a way. This is a tremendous opportunity for us to work with another outstanding company and deliver the best possible technology solutions.”

About iCAT Solutions:

Powered by Modern Contents Processing Principles, iCAT Solutions offers cataloging and tracking software which provides their clients with real-time content tracking, operational transparency and efficiency.  For more information on the company and its solutions, visit

iCAT announces new app functionality!

Earlier today iCAT Solutions inc., the creators of the patent pending Fast Pack-Out© and Live Pack-Out© technologies, announced the release of the Fast Pack-Out© app 1.1.7 to the iTunes App Store. This new release introduces several new functionality options for contractors.

Feedback from our contractors helps us identify and prioritize development opportunities,” explained Director of Sales, Jeff Brettell. “In the case of this update, we have answered a number of requests and delivered functionality to improve the contractor’s experience and options relating to his packout process.

Mr. Brettell went on to discuss some of the key upgrades that were included in the revision, including the addition of the description field, “for contractors whose process requires that they complete that step on site” and the item status field “which simplifies the creation of the non-salvageable list.” Despite positive feedback for both of these additions, as well as some others, Brettell suggests that early indications received largely through the training department indicate that contractors are most excited about the new resource selection option. This addition functions to fully support box pricing methodology, greatly simplifying the process for companies using this model.

The app can be downloaded for free, and accessed using login credentials created when an iCAT trial is started.



iCAT announces Fast Pack-out© with the iPhone!

Earlier today iCAT Solutions inc., the creators of the patent pending Fast Pack-Out© and Live Pack-Out© technologies, announced the release of the Fast Pack-Out© app 1.1 to the iTunes App Store. Following up on the success of the previous Apple app release, version 1.1 opens the technology door for your pack-out team to leverage the iPhone and iPod Touch as well as the iPad.

“Creating an app that supports Apple IOS5 devices was a high priority for us,” explains iCAT Director of Technology Alex Gerchikov. “With this update we can now provide a seamless experience to companies around the world, regardless of the hardware platform they choose to engage.”

When asked about specific models that the new app was supported on, Mr. Gerchikov specifically named the iPhone 4S as the top option, but stated that as long as they were running the IOS5 the app functions on the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPod Touch (both 3rd & 4th generation.) This is in addition to the iPad options that previously existed for the iCAT users. The new app release also adds some pretty impressive functionality to the prior version, including the new reporting function, which allows users to view, email and print reports directly from the app. While that feature has already drawn positive feedback from current iCAT users, when asked about the new release iCAT’s Director of Sales would rather reflect on the impact the update will bring in other areas, specifically the change it makes to the entry level price point for hardware.

“I still believe that all of the hardware options that we support have a company that they’re right for,” explains Jeff Brettell, “but now there are hardware price points beginning as low as two hundred dollars. You can’t beat that. It allows businesses to choose the option that’s right for them, and it makes investing in hardware as you grow much more financially agreeable.”

The full release is available here.

Download the app here.

iCAT joins DKI Procurement

“iCAT was invited to join the DKI Procurement program earlier this year,” explains Jeff Brettell, Director of Sales for iCAT Solutions inc. “It represented a partnership that we were only too happy to enhance and grow. Some of our best business partners are DKI members.”

In June of this year iCAT Solutions inc. completed the agreement to engage in the DKI Procurement program. iCAT has a history with a number of prominent DKI members, and according to Brettell this will only streamline the engagement process for DKI and Diamond Service Providers who are looking to leverage the industry leading contents software.

According to Brettell the DKI-iCAT relationship has been strong since the very first DKI member came on board and continues to grow. It isn’t just the sales team that is seeking out additional ways to connect and engage with DKI members, either.

“iCAT understands the importance of this relationship,” adds Contents Guru and iCAT Master Trainer Riaz Walji, “and now that the DKI enrollment on iCAT is growing, we’re doing a number of things to add to their experience.”

The things he refers to include a private forum where DKI and Diamond Service Providers can gather to collectively provide their thoughts and feedback. The larger opportunity of this forum though is that connecting with each other means they can share best practices, training needs and marketing strategies related to the software. It also refers to opportunities for group training, whether it be online or at a live training event, such as the one held earlier this summer at Xpert DKI.

“iCAT’s always been committed to servicing it’s members,” Mr. Brettell states. “Each of our teams, from sales to support and production, understand that this relationship is an opportunity for them to enhance that commitment with our DKI partners. It’s an opportunity we intend to fully leverage.”


Cloud Contents Solution opens doors to All Contractors

iCAT’s new CLOUD solution (available now) brings contents restoration software to the industry in a scalable model for the first time ever.

iCAT knows that contractors face boom and bust challenges, and having an infrastructure that scales to their fluctuating revenue stream is the optimum solution. Contractors can now enter the software marketplace for as little as $50/month, and receive the full functionality platform. It allows them to be ready when they get slammed with work, and to control costs when work dries up. Continue reading…

iCAT offers multi-language support

For immediate release.

iCAT Solutions inc. announced this morning that their industry leading iCAT in the CLOUD contents restoration software now offers multi-language support. This newest update to the leading edge software will make the product more accessible to Spanish and French speaking employees within the restoration industry.

iCAT has a number of clients whose workforce is comprised of staff for whom English is a second language,” explains Director of Sales Jeff Brettell. “By releasing this update to our product we hope to make those users more comfortable within the software. It’s our goal to ensure that the user experience is as positive as possible.” Mr Brettell went on to explain that the idea arose from conversations held with a number of their contractors, and was quickly elevated up the company’s production schedule because it was an issue of consumer support. According to feedback from those same contractors Brettell says that early response to this update has been exceedingly positive.


iCAT Unite goes live!


iCAT Solutions Inc. announced this morning the launch of their industry-centric website.

This industry first brings contractors together and allows them to collectively leverage superior buying opportunities with industry vendors. By purchasing in volume, contractors incentify vendors to offer deals that would otherwise be unthinkable in the marketplace. According to iCAT Director of Sales Jeff Brettell, both parties benefit from the deal. Continue reading…

iCAT SouthEast Training Event – Sold Out

iCAT’s SouthEast Regional Training Event on November 16th & 17th has sold out.

The event, to be hosted at Crown Restoration in Norcross Georgia, will see attendees from over 5 states engage with iCAT Master Trainer Riaz Walji on topics from Fast Packouts to volume production, reporting and managing customer service deliverables. Continue reading…


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