When a home disaster like a fire or flood impacts someone’s home, time is of the essence when it comes to identifying, cataloging and reporting contents. This sense of urgency is two-sided, as both the homeowner and insurance claims adjuster want a quick resolution to the claim.

For contractors, however, there has never been a simple way to get this process done. Sure, evolving technology over the past few decades has sped up the process a little, but the fact remains that many contractors today still need to analyze and inventory each individual item on a job site. There’s a lot of frustration with this process, even with iPad technology that uses your servers to store data.

That’s why iCAT Solutions spearheaded the Modern Contents Movement©. Back in 2009, we decided that enough is enough, and that there had to be an easier way for contractors to catalog contents and complete the pack-out process without investing hours or days into a single site. The movement has taken the contents restoration industry by storm.

While iCAT and the Fast Packout app have a lot of features, the bottom line is that contractors can now use their mobile devices, whether it’s a smartphone, iPod or iPad, to identify and catalog items. Then, using the power of the cloud, these contents are instantly stored in real time. There’s no need to go back to the office and transcribe or transfer data — the entire process is completed in one step.

The Modern Contents Movement is significantly changing how contractors interact with and serve their clients, who are mostly insurance claims adjusters. If they wish, contractors can give adjusters access to online databases, giving them real-time information pertaining to progress being made on the job site. They can also share this information with insureds, making for much happier adjusters. Thus, it’s no wonder why many insurers prefer to work with contractors who use iCAT’s technology.

So what’s next in the Modern Contents Movement? While there has been a lot of progress made in the industry over the past five years, there’s a lot more to come. iCAT is in the final stages of beta-testing two important technologies that will create more efficiencies for contractors.

The first is photo recognition technology. This will allow contractors to literally take a photo of an item, using their mobile device, and the technology will quickly recognize and catalog it. The technology will eliminate the need to fill out any virtual or physical forms at all, further reducing the time contractors need to spend on a job site, as well as shortening the administrative process associated with naming contents.

The second innovation is iCATLKQ, which will allow contractors to provide a whole new service in the form of like kind and quality valuation. Soon adjusters will be able to turn to contractors for both contents inventory and LKQ valuation, making for an all-in-one solution.

If you’re keeping track at home, this means that contractors can not only reduce the time they spend on a job site by up to 50 percent (thus potentially doubling their business), but they can also offer an entirely new service to their insurance adjuster clients.

Yes, the field of contents restoration is indeed in a period of major overhaul, and iCAT Solutions is at the forefront of the changes taking place. As we move forward with even more innovations, we will continue to provide contractors with the tools, resources and technologies they need to enhance their business — and hopefully their profits.


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