FRSTeam Adds Value Through Partnership with iCAT Solutions
Technology to improve delivery of fabric restoration services

MARKHAM, Ontario – iCAT Solutions has announced that it will deliver value-added technology solutions to the products and services of FRSTeam, a leading fabric restoration company.

Through the partnership, FRSTeam will leverage iCAT Solutions’ unique pack-out and reporting technologies, integrating them with the various services the company offers. This will allow FRSTeam to continue to serve as innovator in the soft contents restoration industry.

“We are always looking to raise the bar when it comes to fabric and garment restoration, and this partnership with iCAT Solutions will allow us to do just that,” said Courtney Nicholas, CEO of FRSTeam. “Our goal is to constantly be an industry leader, making it as easy as possible for our customers to work with us. These enhanced technologies and transparent reporting capabilities give us a true advantage.”

FRSTeam provides fabric restoration products and services to individuals and families across North America, restoring clothing, window coverings and household fabric items damaged by smoke, fire, water, mold and other issues. The company works with insurance carriers, homeowners and contractors to restore soft contents, and is one of the largest and most progressive franchises in the industry.

Although FRSTeam is already known for its exceptional technology-driven claims process, the partnership with iCAT Solutions allows its team to add another layer that significantly improves its service delivery. The process started when several of its franchise locations began experimenting with iCAT software, including its potential to enhance operations, customer service and marketing efforts. FRSTeam’s corporate office soon noticed the buzz and began exploring iCAT Solutions as a national program for the company.

“While in many cases it’s the corporate office that pushes policies down the line to franchises, in this case it was a handful of franchise managers who shared our software with the FRSTeam headquarters,” said Alex Gerchikov, Technology Director at iCAT Solutions. “We were very pleased to see our work with FRSTeam grow organically in such a way. This is a tremendous opportunity for us to work with another outstanding company and deliver the best possible technology solutions.”

About iCAT Solutions:

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