iCAT Solutions Inc. announces that webinars are now available for customers interested in an in-depth review of the iCAT Contents Restoration Software. Customers who have had a chance to review the online demo and see the sample web portals now have the option of digging deeper into the robust operational software as part of their investiagtaive due diligence. By following up on the online demo with a quick email to the sales department, these customers can now schedule their own webinars and spend anywhere from thirty minutes to two hours with a dedicated sales representative reviewing the full functionality of this awesome business solution.

“We’re always looking at more ways to put critical information into the hands of our prospective customers,” says Jeff Brettell, National Sales Manager at iCAT. “This option is just the next logical step for us in making sure that the right people have the right information to understand that this is the right solution for them.”


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