Earlier today iCAT Solutions inc., the creators of the patent pending Fast Pack-Out© and Live Pack-Out© technologies, announced the release of the Fast Pack-Out© app 1.1.7 to the iTunes App Store. This new release introduces several new functionality options for contractors.

Feedback from our contractors helps us identify and prioritize development opportunities,” explained Director of Sales, Jeff Brettell. “In the case of this update, we have answered a number of requests and delivered functionality to improve the contractor’s experience and options relating to his packout process.

Mr. Brettell went on to discuss some of the key upgrades that were included in the revision, including the addition of the description field, “for contractors whose process requires that they complete that step on site” and the item status field “which simplifies the creation of the non-salvageable list.” Despite positive feedback for both of these additions, as well as some others, Brettell suggests that early indications received largely through the training department indicate that contractors are most excited about the new resource selection option. This addition functions to fully support box pricing methodology, greatly simplifying the process for companies using this model.

The app can be downloaded for free, and accessed using login credentials created when an iCAT trial is started.




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