iCAT Solutions Inc. announced earlier today the launch of their highly anticipated iCAT Salvage service.

“iCAT Salvage was born out of demand created by iCAT Contents clients,” explained Jeff Brettell, iCAT’s Director of Sales. “With the rich depth of information at their fingertips they were able to better understand both the volume and the value of the salvage that is a natural part of the contents restoration process. When they expressed to us the overhead costs of storing these salvage items for long periods of time, we saw an opportunity to help.”

iCAT had begun beta testing on the new service in September, and in early October they opened that testing to members of the iCAT community. The service provides contractors with an additional revenue stream and marketing tool, by providing an industry specific auction site for salvageable contents. Contractors are invited to visit the testing site at and register themselves. Once registered they will be able to list items and bid on items, while providing feedback to iCAT and helping to shape the final functionality of the module prior to its full release.

“The feedback has been tremendous already,” added Mr. Brettell. “Contractors, friends and family are already leveraging the site to find terrific deals. More importantly those same contractors are sharing links to auctions with their adjusters, reflecting a new ability to fully remunerate a claim and to provide a value added service.”

While the auction site is available to anyone with internet access, early research shows that the bulk of purchases will come from adjusters, their family and friends and contractors themselves. Feedback from adjusters who have viewed the site has been tremendous, and they have expressed appreciation for the fact that iCAT Salvage can provide remuneration to their claims from a top down perspective.

There are no listing fees for the service. iCAT Solutions charges a processing fee on all final sales, with 25% of this fee returned to the seller, provided they are an iCAT Contents user, by way of a credit towards their license fees.

“Our ancillary products, like iCAT Salvage, exist to enhance contractor service offerings and improve total remuneration,” he added, “but we also intend to use them to help control costs on all iCAT products. Revenue streams derived from these ancillary offerings will be used to help iCAT continue to provide contractors with leading edge industry solutions at market competitive prices.”


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