iCat Solutions Inc., a leading provider of inventory, tracking and valuation solutions for the property restoration industry, has announced the release of a national contents restoration pricing database for the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.

The new pricing index establishes cleaning and restoration fees for restorable property contents by region and postal code. For over 20 years, industry pricing data has originated from a single source, with little to no change in the pricing methodologies. Cleaning technology advancements and applications such as aqueous wash technologies, environmental drying & deodorization chambers and modern volume processing paradigms have shifted the industry, heightening both the calibre and speed of the restoration process. iCat’s pricing model reflects this modern restoration culture.

“This new pricing database is extremely contractor-friendly and very easy to use,” said Riaz Walji, managing director of iCat Solutions. “We have a logical approach to pricing that reflects the latest standard in restoration methods.”

To date, industry pricing was set and governed by a single source provider. With the release of iCat’s Modern Contents Restoration Price Index, contents processors and carriers will no longer be denied, mandated or required to pay for access to pricing or statistical data.

Customers who further leverage iCat’s Modern Contents Solutions will enjoy full pricing integration with their iCat Autocatalog product. “The future of estimating is here: an estimate generated from pictures—it’s very cool,” said Walji

“Rapid adoption by several National Insurance carriers demonstrates a yearning in the market for a modern approach to contents restoration pricing,” said Russ Jacobs, Director of Sales. “Adjusters are raving about it, calling it ‘pricing that tells a story.'”

About iCat Solutions
iCat Solutions offers cloud-based contents management technology that is transforming the contents restoration industry. Its innovative technology development, training and implementation, customer experience focus and modern contents processing are all changing the paradigm for how the industry looks at inventory and claims management.

To learn more about iCat Solutions, visit http://www.icatcontents.com


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