Damage Control DKI

iCat Certified
Valid as of 03/22/2018

iCat Modern Contents Management Certified

Damage Control DKI

has been assessed by iCat Solutions Inc. & iCat Modern Contents University for compliance with the contents restoration, non-salvage inventory, and consumer experience practices of the following properties:

  • Modern Contents Management
    • Understanding and Practicing the Principles of Modern Contents Processing
  • Infrastructure
    • Operating a Modern Contents Processing Facility
      • Quality Control Layer
      • Volume Claims Processing
  • Technology
    • A Contents Division Powered By a Technology Infrastructure Compliant with
      • Volume Processing
      • Clients First Consumer Experience Initiative
  • Trusted Cloud & Privacy Policy
  • Modern Non-Salvage Inventory Technology & Processes
  • Above Advanced Proficiency in Non-Salvage Valuation Review
  • Above Advanced Proficiency in Fast LKQ Technology & Reporting


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