iCat is all about Modern Contents Management. It’s what we do.

Insurance restoration contractors committed to providing the industry’s best contents claims solution leverage iCat technology to power a connected and collaborative customer claims experience – that quickly and quietly delivers happy insureds.







Faster Growth


Carriers are looking for the best. The best are powered by iCat’s contents restoration software.

Innovation, technology and the tools required for growth are the reasons that contents restoration contractors who are serious about growth choose iCat.

We help contractors do it right, handling volume with ease so as to positively impact sales and profits. iCat empowers contractors to pack-out more faster and with fewer resources.

Carriers covet iCat-powered contractors because they can deliver a consistent product every time… a happy insured, a quiet claim and a happy adjuster. That’s doing it right.

"iCat has been an amazing tool for pack outs in our business. Having everything you need at your fingertips via the web saves time and money when it comes to inventory. Very easy to use and has many features that are desirable to companies that would like to transform their packout procedures. Give customers and clients direct access to their items. Track your inventory with a breeze using your iPhone or iPad. If you do more than 10 packouts per year, this product is a no-brainer." — Brady Wilson, Servpro of Birmingham

Quieter Claims


Innovation, technology, training: iCat’s Modern Contents Management technology is connected and collaborative, built on the conviction that clients come first.

From pack-out to pack-back, insureds stay calm and connected. Personalized web access enables them to communicate with the contractor, request rush items and review their claim from cleaning to quality control, right through to delivery.

iCat contractors also keep insureds happy in the most tangible way possible by providing the tools and data for adjusters to pay out non-salvage as fast as possible. iCat’s Fast LKQ solution ensures carriers have the technology to meet this top-down policy with ease.

Happier insureds. Quieter claims. Use an iCat-powered contractor today.

"I work for RBC Insurance and have in many occasions spoken with clients who have experienced a claim. There is a reason why RBC is rated #1 in Claims satisfaction and having your company assist our clients during a time of need makes me very proud." — Tracey Closs, Business Development Manager, RBC General Insurance

Happier Insured


Is your insured likely to recommend your services to family and friends? They will if their claim was handled by an iCat-powered contractor.

With a convenient Homeowner Portal providing interactive access 24/7, confidence is established the moment an insured knows that an iCat-powered contractor has been assigned to their claim. The ability to review their contents property and track the claim through its restoration lifecycle reduces anxiety to a marked degree.

Additionally, the iCat Fast LKQ is the industry’s fastest Personal Property Non-Salvage Valuation Technology. This means carriers quickly get the data they need so they can pay insureds, and help rebuild their lives, faster.

"I am very satisfied with the level of service provided and iCAT was very useful and informative. I would definitely recommend your service to any one in a similar situation. Thank you." — Wayne E. Prada

The largest and most successful contents companies in the industry are powered by iCAT... and over 80% switch from competing solutions! If you are not already convinced, here are 10 more reasons why you too should be powered by iCAT.