Quieter Claims for the Insurance Claims Adjuster

The more the insured can see what’s happening to their precious possessions, the less your phone is likely to ring. Bringing complete transparency to the contents management process through 24/7 online access, iCat delivers a much quieter claims experience and genuine peace of mind.

Both you and the insured can review and track claim progress through a simple interactive web portal. In addition to fewer phone calls, the portal ensures a connected and collaborative experience that raises confidence in you, the process and the insurance company your work for.

iCat Fast LKQ also means insureds get paid faster. It’s the technology that inspires love letters.


Happier Experience for the Insured

You can see homeowners start to relax the moment their contractor goes to work with his iCat-powered mobile. Then when they see what iCat will do for them, they’re truly relieved.

iCat‘s 24/7 HOMEOWNER PORTAL means more than just access. It’s confirmation that their precious family belongings are in good hands. They can actually see when and where possessions are being packed, stored and cleaned, and they can review and track the progress of their claim from start to finish.

iCat lets you see inside the claim. It’s the technology that keeps homeowners informed.

Powered by iCat

Driving the Industry’s Best Consumer Experience

Setting The New Standard for Modern Contents Management.

Contents restoration is now a major selling point for many property restoration companies.

Contractors committed to providing the industry’s best contents claims solution are Powered by iCat Modern Contents Management.

Developed to bring the customer experience to the forefront of contents management, iCat’s innovative technology inspires trust and confidence for both carriers and insureds through a connected, collaborative and quiet claims experience – that delivers happy insureds.

Powered by iCat

iCat Certified Modern Contents Processor

Ensures The Industry’s Best Consumer Experience

The Best of the Best Contractors for your Insureds.

iCat Certifed inspires trust and confidence for carriers and insureds by ensuring businesses adhere to modern practices and principles regarding the contents restoration process.

If you see the iCat certified seal on a website, app, or document, the operating contractor has met the comprehensive certification requirements established by iCat Solutions Inc. & The University of Modern Contents.

The certification process helps ensure the business is delivering products and services meeting with carrier expectations of a Modern Contents© restorers’ ability to provide a consistent and heightened ‘clients first’ consumer experience. There is additional focus on the fast deliverable of non-salvage inventory & valuation through iCat’s Fast LKQ technology and standardized processes.

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Contractors committed to providing the industry’s best contents claims solution are Powered by iCat Modern Contents Management.