First to the Cloud: 100% Secure, Trusted, Cloud Based Architecture. Built the same way in which bank and government web services are offered and deployed, iCat delivers your team their contents division on demand anywhere with world class protection and security.iCat is built upon True Cloud Architecture coded into the Microsoft Azure & Amazon EC2 Cloud fabric.Creators and innovators of the Fast PACKOUT - Tuned for Speed with Patent Pending TechnologyUse smaller devices such as your iPhone, or iPod (in addition to the larger iPAD).
iCat’s Auto Catalog uses our image recognition technology, allowing you to simply take a picture of chair, desk, TV, dishware or the hundreds of other items you might need to catalog onsite. You can use this technology for both salvageable or non-salvageable items, as iCat provides a perfect description — right down to the make, model and (in some cases) color. Talk about efficiency!Use iCat's Fast CATALOG Technology to reduce your time on site by as much as 50%The math here is easy — you can now packout twice the amount of contents than you could before. This translates into the opportunity for you to potentially take in twice as much in cleaning and restoration revenue. We call this “2x-ing” your contents business.Use Reduce the administrative burden of your best paid employees.Have more choice in who goes to the packout. An excellent command of the english language is no longer a requirement.Fact: Every contractor who has used this service has not stopped - highly addictive with measurable impact on the administrative function of contents.
You don't have to use all the features in iCat, but when you’re ready, you will be glad we have them.
Tried-Tested-ProvenHelping contractors grow and dominate. The largest contents divisions in the world are powered by iCat.Franchise organizations will not use anything else. National Contents Software Provider for Belfor USA, Servpro, FRSTeam, First General, Rainbow International
We understand the business and operations of Contents Restoration.This deep understanding is personified in our feature rich Contents Solution.iCat Started the Modern Contents Movement Principles such as:A Monomaniacal Focus on the Customer Experience. (This wins you business) Handling Volume with Ease (otherwise what's the point?) Quality Control (Perhaps the most important function) Process Separation (Advanced Implementation: Control bottlenecks through Function Based Departments) User choice model for cleaning & restoration.KPI Management: Trip/Fall, Meditate, Grow and many more.....iCat founded the University of Modern Contents, to promote excellence through education and best practices using the Principles of Modern Contents Processing.
Traditionally, promoting your contents division has been about your ultrasonic machines, new uniforms, how many trucks you have, your website, and commitment to customer service.iCat users talk about something different: They talk about their operations and the impact their technology powered infrastructure has on the claims experience. Specifically, its impact on the adjuster and insured.iCat contractors confidently market their operations in detail, highlighting the natural spin-offs of "doing it right" : Lowering call volume to the adjuster (homeowner portal) Instant Estimates from the Loss Site Achieving Smoother & Quieter Claims Impact of Quality Control Happy Insureds How the contractor can handle more of the carriers business, because their operations can support growth and volume. The customer experience and its impact on the bigger picture: Higher customer satisfaction surveys and retained policies. Homeowner interaction Faster Packouts Faster resolution of Non Salvage Reporting through iCat's available technologies.
Administration is the most expensive part of a contents division. Why? Because no one pays you to answer a call or email.Just by turning on the included Homeowner Portal, your contents company could stand to increase revenue by $300,000 to $800,000 / year.
Packout, Cleaning, and Reserves Estimates at speeds your adjusters have never experienced. All without a billing expert at the claims site. We have been building cloud solutions longer than any competitor. Our reports are refined for application compliance & speed.
iCat has Insurance carriers across the nation in both the USA and Canada falling in love with iCat, what it does for their claims departments, adjusters, and customer experience. In-fact, some carriers look for iCat powered contractors while others require the use of iCat.
Because carriers love iCat, look for iCat users, and even demand iCat to be used, contractors are seeing new business come through their front door.iCat is currently engaged in numerous carrier level and program pilots which are powered by current iCat users. Upon completion of these pilots, iCat powered contractors nationwide will enjoy a surge in contents work.

The largest and most successful contents companies in the industry are powered by iCAT... and over 80% switch from competing solutions! If you are not already convinced, here are 10 more reasons why you too should be powered by iCAT.