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Some Benefits of Being Powered by iCat

  • Insured
  • Modern Technology ensures you receive the best possible claims experience.

    Our Homeowner Portal helps reduce anxiety typical when one is separated from their precious belongings.

    Stay connected through our Homeowner Portal. Review contents, request items and view the restoration process in real-time.

    Our Modern Contents collaboration inspires confidence in the non-salvage process, from inventory to valuation and through to payout.

    With our technology, you will experience Faster Non-Salvage Payouts with your carrier.

    Know that you’re in the best of care with iCat Powered contractors who have the tools and technology to track, report and process your claim with speed and accuracy.

  • Contractor
  • We have the technology tools and resources to handle volume without compromising service or quality.

    Unprecedented quality control guided by Modern Contents Principles results in a heightened customer experience.

    Modern Tracking powers our production. We are confident, in control, and proud of the product we deliver.

    Processing rush and on-demand contents is a big part of delivering happy customers. A strong logistics and a technology powered infrastructure allows us to provide fast and accurate packouts.

    Our packouts are fast and cost effective with quick estimating tools that reduce the need for expensive administrative personal.

    Our Homeowner Portal lowers administrative burdens by keeping insureds connected every step of the way in real-time.

    We stay at the forefront of the Modern Contents Restoration Industry through ongoing education, training, and a commitment to continually improve our technologies.

  • Adjuster
  • Modern Contents Process = Happy Insureds + Quiet Claims

    Our technology allows for a transparent claims process, ensuring contractors have the trust of insureds to deliver the very best experience.

    Our Homeowner Portal provides your insured’s with a calm and connected experience resulting in less calls, and more happy customers.

    Contractors have the tools and training to instantly generate pre-packout or post-packout reserves estimates on demand.

    Fast Packout Technology enables contractors to spend 50% less time onsite packing which means less costs and more profitability.

  • Carrier
  • Increase in policy retention through elevated customer experience and faster non-salvage payouts.

    Happy insured’s means higher consumer experience ratings and increased business through referrals.

    Fast Packout technology and the industy’s fastest image recognition means iCat-powered contractors spend 50% less billable time onsite than competing services.

    Transparency & technology ensures trust in the contractors for the best insured experience.

    Proven reduction in non-salvage cycle times.

    Carriers pay less for onsite packout inventory.

    iCat Powered Contractors are better equipped to make decisions on restorable versus non-salvage; operate without bias or prejudice; and cost a fraction of the labour cost compared to boutique non-salvage firms.

Powered by iCat


The largest and most successful contents companies in the industry are powered by iCAT... and over 80% switch from competing solutions! If you are not already convinced, here are 10 more reasons why you too should be powered by iCAT.