iCat knows you have choices…
To help make your decision-making process easier, we polled over 1500 users who switched to iCat from a competing product, such as Encircle, Xactware or Enservio. We created a consolidated list which gets right to the point of helping you quickly identify why iCat is the industry’s superior contents management platform.
Money. Revenue. Profit.
New Revenue Streams
Contractor enjoys new highly profitable revenues associated with Non-Salvage Inventory & Valuation.
Unfortunately, the contractor does all the work with zero opportunity to generate revenue. Instead, the software vendor, or partnered boutique valuation firm enjoys all non-salvage revenues and profits.
2x Revenues
A contractor's yearly revenue is about the volume of contents they can pack-out in a given year. In that sense, each second saved counts: If a company can pack-out faster, they can pack-out more, increasing their yearly revenue. With iCat technology, technicians can simply take a picture and skip the time-consuming description process during busy times. Reducing pack-out time by 50% or more enables the contractor to pack-out more claims and increase revenue.
Competing contents software forces pack-out techs and billing experts to slow down at every job site by having them enter descriptions, make/model/serial. The software options do not have the technology to support volume fluctuations typical of the property claims industry. As a result, they are not able to fully capture available revenue opportunities.
Administrative Costs and Efficiency
Contractors do not get reimbursed to answer/return phone calls or emails. By being connected to their contents at all times, iCat’s homeowner portal greatly reduces the need for email and phone communication. Simply providing access to the homeowner portal will reduce administrative costs, increasing the bottom line. Read our blog post.
Contractors continue to deal with nervous insureds stripped of all their personal belongings as a result of the loss, left only with a printed document, pdf file, or cd of images. They will continue to call, about everything. Administrators will spend considerable time on the phone, answering emails, and looking for contents. Unpaid.
Software Pricing
iCat is the most affordable solution in the Industry. Smaller contractors starting out or experiencing low claims volume can leverage a true pay as you go platform while larger volume contractors can enjoy the Unlimited Enterprise plan at a fraction of the cost compared to competing solutions. Request Pricing Info
Pay per job models must be pre-purchased in bulk for a per job price to be competitive to iCat’s low-cost solution. Additional licenses are required for both estimating and non-salvage valuation. These licenses are not included in the base plan. Other plans require pay per user solutions within a software model where ideally every employee and project manager should have a login, making the yearly costs quite high.
Admin Billing & Estimating
Drastically reduce administrative costs and time associated with billing and estimating. Create reserve estimates in minutes without a billing expert at the job site. Fulfill third party billing requirements quickly from the comfort of your office.
Contractors are forced to send their billing and estimating person to the job site, so they may personally enter correct billing descriptions and cleaning codes for all contents, increasing valuable pack-out time and further inhibiting any opportunity to handle claims volume. Growth is now limited by the availability of their lead estimator to be at every job for its entirety. Administrative labor and related opportunity costs increase as a billing expert remains in the field as opposed to in the office. Billing teams who do not attend the job site need to review every description decision by a pack-out technician to ensure the correct billing line item was selected. Contractor beware: Billing integration performed at the job site is a false choice. Read our blog post.
Operations. Operations. Operations.
Barcode Tracking
iCat Contractors can generate and utilize full unique barcode chain of custody tracking and location management. From pack-out to pack-back, iCat was built for deep operational control, meeting the often complex minutia of claims processing associated with contents claims.
Competitors either offer no native barcode tracking – or - their barcoding approach far misses the requirements of a fully functioning contents division.
Warehouse Management
Location Reports. Detailed Box Labels. Vault Reports & Statistics. Pick Lists. Packaging Slips. Delivery Management. Subcontractor Management. Complete Warehouse Management, refined over the years to enable any contractor full visual and backend control of their contents division.
Human Error
Contents is a human business where mistakes can happen. iCat is a mature, feature rich software, with a suite of tools to help “undo” human error. Understated, but valuable.
Production Dashboards
Dedicated Live Dashboards for real-time production and admin department feedback. Available for ownership, management, and production teams to help plan resources, measure daily activities, and ensure compliance.
Do Great Work. Get More Work.
Rush Contents Processing
Deliver happy insureds: Keep promises made to insureds with iCat’s rush contents processing layer, customized tagging, rich text and visual search capabilities, further complemented through actionable production tasking and reporting.
Claims Volume
The culmination of iCat’s contents management suite enables contractors to manage volume without compromising customer service and product delivery. Go ahead, do great work, and manage the increasing claims volume from happy adjusters.
Competitors have no solution to offer contractors to help them handle a steady or rapid increase in claims. Service and quality drop. Adjusters then seek more competent contents providers to meet their needs. iCat Certified Contractor Locator.
Customer Experience Reporting
Show off the caliber of your contents division to adjusters and vendor/program compliance teams. iCat’s native Net Promoter Score enables easy capture and shareing of customer satisfaction feedback.
Value Ad
Non-Salvage Inventory & Valuation
Market the industry’s fastest personal property non-salvage valuation tool. Carriers are looking to complement their top down initiative which is retaining policies post claim through rapid non-salvage payouts. Contribute to the enhancement of the customer experience and subsequent policy renewal by providing non-salvage inventory data - with or without valuations - faster than any competitor.
Contractors are required to either have the adjuster manually research Like Kind & Quality valuations, or use boutique firms with slow turn over times. These solutions increase the time it takes to generate a final non-salvage schedule of loss.
Software Development
iCat is a company of firsts. First to the cloud; First Pack-out App; First to create homeowner portals; Creator of the Modern Contents Movement. A quick tour of iCat’s feature rich solution is proof that iCat knows contents, understands what solutions are required to run a contents division before any competitor, and continues to build and refine the solution by consistently adding coveted features. We listen to our users. We never stop building. We never stop improving.
Competitors current feature and future build lists are comprised of versions of features already created and implemented by iCat.
If you have ever handled contents claims month over month, you know quite well the business of contents restoration is not a simple one. You need a mature software, built ground up from the belly of contents restoration and refined over the years by the creators of the Modern Contents movement and continued feedback from savvy contents processors small and large.
iCat: Serious Contents Management Software. Period.

The largest and most successful contents companies in the industry are powered by iCAT... and over 80% switch from competing solutions! If you are not already convinced, here are 10 more reasons why you too should be powered by iCAT.