iCAT Solutions Inc. announced this morning the launch of their industry-centric website.

This industry first brings contractors together and allows them to collectively leverage superior buying opportunities with industry vendors. By purchasing in volume, contractors incentify vendors to offer deals that would otherwise be unthinkable in the marketplace. According to iCAT Director of Sales Jeff Brettell, both parties benefit from the deal.

“One of the things that traveling trade shows and speaking with thousands of contractors and hundreds of vendors taught me is that this industry is no different than any other,” he explained when asked about the strategy behind the new site. “Consumers are searching for the best deal they can secure, and vendors cannot offer more aggressive pricing without some guarantee of volume to make the economics work for them. iCAT Unite affords both parties the opportunity to meet their needs, in an industry specific environment.”

iCAT Solutions Inc., which entered the market a few years ago with its ground breaking iCAT Contents Restoration Software adds iCAT Unite to a growing collection of industry focused products, including iCAT Salvage, iCAT Contents and iCAT In The Cloud, with more product releases scheduled for 2012. With iCAT Unite, the company offers its first service to vendors of the industry, providing a direct pipeline for marketing their products and services to contractors around the world. Response from the vendor community has been excellent, as iCAT opens the site up for the first time and allows vendors to bring their best deals to the marketplace.

“What makes the service unique,” adds Mr. Brettell, “is the way it provides vendors with the opportunity to propose their best possible deals. Because they are not committed to provide the deal until their target number of purchases are hit, they can be incredibly aggressive. That aggressiveness is going to give the contractor community powerful motivation to come together as a collective and secure that pricing. Vendors win. Contractors win. Everybody wins.”



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