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Belfor Property Restoration Announces Partnership with iCAT Solutions
Cloud-based software to offer greater ease and transparency to contents operations

BIRMINGHAM, MI — Belfor, a world leader in property restoration and disaster recovery, has announced that it will implement software by iCAT Solutions to manage its contents operations in the United States.

The software leverages cutting-edge mobile packout technology and cloud infrastructure to provide real-time data transfer between field teams, clients and central offices. iCAT has made major technological advancements in the property industry through continuous innovation, enabling contractors to elevate the level of service they offer their clients.

After an in-depth evaluation and trial process during Hurricane Sandy, Belfor determined that iCAT Solutions’ software offers a significant advantage over other contents operations packages currently on the market. The software allows field teams to catalogue onsite data quickly and easily. The result is a better-coordinated effort, greater transparency for clients and partners and faster project turnaround.

Being able to coordinate the efforts of multiple individuals in real time is a particular benefit identified by Belfor. The software fuses the company’s approach to contents so that it can deliver consistent product and customer service across the country, unifying and strengthening Belfor’s overall brand.

“Belfor is truly a worldwide industry leader, and we are very pleased to partner with this high-profile company,” said Mitchell Rogers, AVP of Sales at iCAT Solutions. “We look forward to working with the team at Belfor now and into the future as we continue to deliver top-notch software solutions for contents operations.”

About iCAT Solutions:

Powered by Modern Contents Processing Principles, iCAT Solutions offers cataloging and tracking software which provides their clients with real-time content tracking, operational transparency and efficiency.  For more information on the company and its solutions, visit


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