These days, everyone wants more for less. Whether it’s fitting more versatility into a smaller package or simplifying a solution while adding more options, we tend to live and work in a world in which the easier something is to use, the more people will use it.

In the contents restoration industry, this idea of offering more for less hasn’t quite caught up to the rest of the world—contractors are still lugging around bulky laptops and inventorying with complicated software interfaces. But when it comes to iCAT’s Fast Packout app, there proves to be a gateway into the world of smaller, faster and better solutions.

Fast Packout hammers home the idea of more for less, specifically more features with less time spent trying to figure them out and use them correctly. In using the platform, contractors experience an easy-to-manage software system that’s tailored to fit their needs, no matter what the scope may be. It doesn’t matter if contractor needs to make use of each and every option available to them or only a select few.

Scalability means that small businesses that only require a limited scope of options can take full advantage of the solution, while larger organizations can expand their functionality by pushing the app even further.

As if it wasn’t easy enough to deal with a system that lets users take total control over their inventory, Fast Packout is also pushing the industry forward, particularly in terms of the technology that powers it. Gone are the days of lugging around a laptop or trying to maneuver a camera into tight spaces—now, iCAT is putting the power into the hands of the contractors by making the Fast Packout app available on something as small and manageable as an iPhone or iPod! With just a few taps of the screen and a quick photo, the app gives contractors a way to create a comprehensive item profile, leveraging the safety and security of the cloud.

When you get down to the brass tacks, giving contractors something that’s versatile, easy to use and exceptionally compatible means giving them an easier way to do their job. Here again, we see more for less—a more refined snapshot of a jobsite with less time spent cataloging and inventorying.

It’s time for the contents restoration industry to start offering more for less. iCAT is leading the charge and changing the way contractors do their jobs. If you’re not using iCAT and Fast Packout in your contents restoration processes, it’s time to start.


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