The enormously successful “6 month free license” promo is coming to an end on October 15th, 2010. The promotion, which had been put in place six months earlier, was designed to allow companies unfamiliar with the power of the iCAT Contents Restoration Software to explore it without prohibitive start-up expense. According to Director of Sales Jeff Brettell, the promotion achieved its purpose and has now run its course.

The promotion has been a tremendous success for us,” Mr. Brettell stated upon making the announcement, “and served its purpose by providing a lot of our early customers with the opportunity to explore and master our software long before they had to be concerned about license fees. We have three business weeks left before the promotion officially closes, and we’ll be working with our support team to make sure that everyone who enrolls prior to that cut-off date is still able to take advantage of the exceptional offer.

Mr. Brettell went on to explain that while the company will no longer be offering a six month trial license of their software, they are still committed to giving new users the opportunity to fully integrate and understand the software so that all of their license fees are spent productively. To that end, iCAT Solutions Inc. will launch a new promotion on October 16th, 2010 offering new users a three month trial license at no charge. As with the previous promotion, no term commitment will be required.


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