If you’ve been wondering what current iCAT users think of this revolutionary contents restoration system and what it means to their business, you don’t need to look any farther than a recent ServPro client, who has already recognized its ability to change the way they position their business with adjusters.

We got a call late last week regarding an insurance carrier that we have been trying to get into their vendor program for some time. They want to come tour our facility on Wednesday to see what we are capable of and, of course, we will be flexing our iCAT power.

We’ve been telling you for months that if you don’t feel like you should stand up and brag about the power of the operational solution you’re using to drive your business, then you’re not using the right solution! iCAT users are now doing exactly that, and the reason is pretty obvious; it really is THAT good!

It’s also easy to adopt. Some companies are reluctant to take on new software solutions because of the perceived challenges of managing that change within their organization, and their concerns over implementation. iCAT’s firm policy of working with each and every one of our customers to ensure a smooth and trouble free integration into their operation can help overcome those concerns.

Don’t just take our word for it though. We asked the Director of Operations at TechAssist, to give us his feedback on the support he got and this is what he said:

I couldn’t believe how hard this team worked to make sure that everything went smoothly for us. The support people working for iCAT were very well trained, and were able to make it a completely painless process for us to transition to their system.

When asked if the training support provided allowed them to engage the system and integrate it into their operations quickly, the answer we got from ServPro was direct and concise:

After watching the videos it is very easy to put into use what is being demonstrated. You can basically hit the ground running and be fully functional very quickly.

If you’ve been looking for an opportunity to improve how you handle the contents portion of your business, and to increase your operational efficiency, then our ServPro client has a simple message for you:

We would surely recommend the iCAT system to anyone who deals with content restoration. The ease of use of the entire package and the level of support and service are light-years above anything out there.

If that isn’t enough, TechAssist speaks directly from experience as one of the earliest adaptors of this new technology. After working on it for so long, they were asked if they would recommend it to other contractors:

Do I recommend iCAT to other contractors? Absolutely, because all the pain I’ve ever felt in this industry I know they’ve felt too. I’m pain free now. It’s a great feeling.

Interested in learning more? Contact iCAT sales today and get your direct link to our online demo.


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