“iCAT was invited to join the DKI Procurement program earlier this year,” explains Jeff Brettell, Director of Sales for iCAT Solutions inc. “It represented a partnership that we were only too happy to enhance and grow. Some of our best business partners are DKI members.”

In June of this year iCAT Solutions inc. completed the agreement to engage in the DKI Procurement program. iCAT has a history with a number of prominent DKI members, and according to Brettell this will only streamline the engagement process for DKI and Diamond Service Providers who are looking to leverage the industry leading contents software.

According to Brettell the DKI-iCAT relationship has been strong since the very first DKI member came on board and continues to grow. It isn’t just the sales team that is seeking out additional ways to connect and engage with DKI members, either.

“iCAT understands the importance of this relationship,” adds Contents Guru and iCAT Master Trainer Riaz Walji, “and now that the DKI enrollment on iCAT is growing, we’re doing a number of things to add to their experience.”

The things he refers to include a private forum where DKI and Diamond Service Providers can gather to collectively provide their thoughts and feedback. The larger opportunity of this forum though is that connecting with each other means they can share best practices, training needs and marketing strategies related to the software. It also refers to opportunities for group training, whether it be online or at a live training event, such as the one held earlier this summer at Xpert DKI.

“iCAT’s always been committed to servicing it’s members,” Mr. Brettell states. “Each of our teams, from sales to support and production, understand that this relationship is an opportunity for them to enhance that commitment with our DKI partners. It’s an opportunity we intend to fully leverage.”



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