iCat’s  Fast CATALOG uses our image recognition process technology, allowing you to simply take a picture of the chair, desk, TV, Jeans, or the hundreds of other items you might need to catalog onsite. You can use this technology for both cleanable or non-salvage items, as iCat provides a perfect description — right down to the make, model and (in some cases) color. Talk about efficiency!  Use iCAT’s Fast CATALOG Technology to reduce your time on site by as much as 50%.

The math here is easy — you can now packout twice the amount of contents than you could before. Thus, you can potentially take in twice as much in cleaning and restoration revenue. We call this “2x-ing” your contents business. Reduce the administrative burden of your best paid employees. Have more choice in who goes to the packout.  An excellent command of the english language is no longer a requirement. If they can take a picture – they can inventory!

Fact: Every contractor who has used this service has not stopped

“We have been using iCat’s Fast CATALOG service since it was in Beta and still to this day we are truly amazed with the image recognition. We now have the ability to create non salvage inventories in 1/2 the time with NO administrative labor!”  Courtney Kipple, FRSTeam

Your system is amazingly fast.  I sent THOUSANDS of items up and they were back in HOURS not days! I have been impressed with iCat since the start and now with Fast Catalog and Fast LKQ, I am even more. THANK YOU!”   Glenn Allison, Belfor


2X your contents revenue

iCAT’s Fast CATALOG – Packout Redefined

Scan Barcode + Take Picture = Done


The largest and most successful contents companies in the industry are powered by iCAT... and over 80% switch from competing solutions! If you are not already convinced, here are 10 more reasons why you too should be powered by iCAT.