With connections right around the corner I find myself more excited for the show than ever before. What’s not to be excited about? We have multiple platforms to share with contents companies, although the real buzz seems to be focused on our Apple app, which supports everything from iPads to iPhones to some models of iPod Touch.

What else makes this such an exciting year? It’s the first time we’ve gone to Connections with our iCAT in the CLOUD product, which was launched in early 2012. It’s a truly mobile contents software – and that means that contractors who are excited and want to check it out can sign-up, and start exploring it with me right there on the show floor! Better still, if they’ve got one of those aforementioned devices, we can download the app and install it right then and there as well!

We’re working very hard to try and free up the schedule of our Contents Guru, so that he can accompany me to this show. With all of the excitement around our product, we think it’s an excellent time for him to attend a show and connect with users (new and existing) and talk nuts and bolts. If you’re wondering how to get the most out of your contents business, he’s the guy you want to connect with.

We’ll be in booth #906, so why not drop by?

Let’s talk contents.


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