iCAT has just announced a new agreement with one of its early adaptors to operate as the first of many new iCAT training hotspots worldwide.

Xavier Yoganathan is Director of Operations at TechAssist, Canada’s largest dedicated technology and contents restoration firm. TechAssist, one of the earliest adopters of the iCAT Contents Restoration Software, is one of four live test arenas and now the first of many new iCAT training hot spots which are beggining to pop up in North America, with plans to appear globally in the near future. As a live test arena, all new versions, enhancements, and technology is tested live in fully functioning restoration companies before being released to our clients, ensuring smooth and bug free operation.

The decision to work with iCAT was an easy one for Mr. Yagonathan:

Our company was one of the first to use iCAT. I think like most people we first started packouts with moving tags, pen & paper, voice recorders, anything that could possibly work. We also tried a lot of software solutions before iCAT, I don’t even want to talk about those nightmare years. iCAT does a lot for us. I can’t run my business without iCAT. There’s no way. Let me put it this way: We do a minimum of 2 whole home packouts a week. In busy times we may have 14 whole home claims, 4 commercial claims, and about 30 to 40 small losses. These are all content losses, and I can turn them over within 30 days. I don’t think I have to say any more than that. If you know this industry, that is damn near impossible to manage. With iCAT, not only can I manage it, I own it. My entire team knows what’s happening and where something is at any given second. Do I recommend iCAT to other contractors? Absolutely, because all the pain I’ve ever felt in this industry I know they have too. I’m pain free now. It’s a great feeling.

With insurance companies across North America becoming more and more familiar with what an organization powered by iCAT can offer their customers in terms of unparalleled service, support, transparency and confidence, more and more referrals are being directed to facilities being run on this outstanding operational software.

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