Living up to the expectations of insurance adjusters while packing out and inventorying job sites is an everyday part of a contractor’s life. Each time you get your foot in the door at a new site, there’s a brand-new sense of duty that vests itself within you. But what if there were more to that idea—even more than exceeding the high standards of your insurance adjuster clients?

Well, there is: surpassing the expectations of the insured.

Real Time Insurance Adjuster Software

Using iCAT’s software and Fast Packout app, your ability to go above and beyond is made simple, as you can create value that resonates far beyond insurance adjusters all the way to the insureds themselves. The best part is that there’s no added stress to you, the contractor. Thanks to the tools made available through iCAT, your role remains the same—it’s the value you’re able to deliver that expands.

iCAT leverages the cloud and other key technologies to make this possible for restoration contractors. For example, take iCAT’s cloud inventory system, which allows every item you catalogue to be viewed by insured homeowners. While you’re doing what you do best, each item you inventory populates a comprehensive cloud contents database that’s accessible by everyone involved in that particular claims process.

In addition to the adjusters seeing the process move forward in real-time, so too can the insureds, if they desire. This makes for a transparent process that insurance claims adjusters are happy to deliver to their own clients.

So how does this help you? It’s all about rapport. When you’re logging item after item into that database, you’re allowing the insured to breathe easier. The same is true for the adjuster assigned to the claim. As a contractor, you now have the power to quell the entire claims situation, right down to the end homeowner.

Having an up-to-the-minute contents inventory isn’t the only tool in your arsenal with iCAT and Fast Packout, however. You also have accuracy and efficiency on your side. With identification and cataloging times cut in half, you’re able to deliver speedy, precise results in real time. What more could an adjuster ask for?

At the end of the day, the faster and more accurately you’re able to do your job, the happier everyone involved is going to be. There’s a lot riding on your shoulders, including the satisfaction of the claims adjustor and the insured, so why not give them more than they expect?


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