Almost every major industry has its own trade show or expo event, and this year property loss and contents restoration has an event all its own in the PLR Expo. It stands to be truly monumental for companies and contractors dealing in contents restoration, and iCAT is taking full advantage of the opportunity to showcase its revolutionary products and industry knowledge.

The PLR Expo is being held at the International Plaza Hotel – Toronto Airport from September 23-25, 2013, and will feature more than 35 of the industry’s most cutting-edge organizations, including iCAT. With so many different vendors and contents restoration authorities in one place, this event will serve as an opportunity for industry professionals to meet and share best practices, helpful resources and other valuable insights.

The event will feature several key presenters who will speak to the many needs and obstacles contractors face when entering a jobsite. Donald Cooper, MBA, CSP, HoF, a thought leader and passionate visionary in the areas of marketing, management and business innovation, will give the keynote presentation. Other speakers include Michael A. Pinto, CSP, CMP, the chief executive officer of Wonder Makers Environmental, Inc.; David MacLean, a seasoned conference and retreat leader who speaks on innovation and inspiration; and Andy Sherwood, an Independent Associate of Priority Management.

iCAT is pleased to be a presenting vendor at the PLR Expo and will have a booth showcasing the game-changing software and systems that have made us an industry leader. The many presentations being hosted at the event will revolve around accelerating the packout process and streamlining onsite cataloging efforts—an area that iCAT has modernized.

iCAT aims to bring with it not only the tools and resources contractors are in desperate need of, but also the authority that has led our company to establish a refined presence as an innovator in the world of contents restoration.

In our presentation at the PLR Expo, called “Good to Great is Just Not Good Enough!,” attendees will discover how to provide phenomenal customer service to their most important customers: their employees! We’ll explore how one simple act can transform the way employees and customers feel, and the impact it can have on overall operations. This memorable presentation will come from iCAT’s very own Mitchell Rogers and Russ Jacobs.

Afterward, attendees of the expo can mingle among the booths of various presenters and see how each vendor addresses these needs.

Or, attendees could just come straight to the iCAT booth, meet our executive team and witness first-hand that “iCAT Knows Contents.” They’ll experience how the Fast Packout app makes cataloging in the cloud simple.

The PLR Expo is going to be an exceptional event for the contents restoration industry, and iCAT is excited to be a contributing vendor. For more information, check out, or for a complete event agenda, go to


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