Contents Restoration is Complicated But what makes contents restoration complicated? Is it the sheer volume of property contents which need to move through multiple moving facets of an operation, each laden with deep and delicate logistics? Is it that fact that the smallest of errors can impact the entire business and related organization? Is it […]
iCat’s  Fast CATALOG uses our image recognition process technology, allowing you to simply take a picture of the chair, desk, TV, Jeans, or the hundreds of other items you might need to catalog onsite. You can use this technology for both cleanable or non-salvage items, as iCat provides a perfect description — right down to […]
A true understanding of a product offering in this space begs only three questions – especially for those now contemplating the introduction of a technology Infrastructure to help power their contents division – and specifically – which solution to choose. The three most important questions any serious contents organization MUST ask/inquire/understand when choosing contents software. […]
iCat Solutions Inc., a leading provider of inventory, tracking and valuation solutions for the property restoration industry, has announced the release of a national contents restoration pricing database for the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. The new pricing index establishes cleaning and restoration fees for restorable property contents by region and postal code. […]
We never stop improving.  For you.   New Branding New Website New Innovations & Upgrades Training Simplified   New Branding / Website iCat has rebranded and created a new website to help Supercharge your Contents Marketing efforts:    This site was built with the sole purpose of helping to promote your iCat Powered Modern Contents Services […]
Please direct inquiries to: Riaz Walji, 888-494-4228 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: May 2014 FRSTeam Continues to Add Value Through Partnership Renewal with iCAT Solutions Technology secures market position in fabric restoration services MARKHAM, Ontario — iCAT Solutions has announced that it will continue to deliver value-added technology solutions to the products and services of FRSTeam, […]
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: March 13, 2014 iCAT Solutions Forms Partnership with Rainbow International Global restoration company aims to transform the industry by using iCAT’s software TORONTO — iCAT Solutions has formed a partnership with Rainbow International, a global home and commercial restoration company with more than 400 locations. Through the partnership, iCAT Solutions will become the approved software […]
Please direct inquiries to: Mitchell Rogers 727 423 0614 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: April 2nd, 2014 iCAT Solutions Launches Online Contents Processing University University of Modern Contents will help contractors expand and refine their contents divisions TORONTO — iCAT Solutions Inc., a leading software provider that offers training and cloud-based solutions to help restoration contractors […]
As part of our efforts to change the industry and pioneer the Modern Contents® movement, iCat is making  the packout process much more efficient than ever before. Contractors now complete packouts in half the time, with total inventory control, thanks to mobile and cloud technologies. What’s even more incredible is the fact that iCat can […]
When we speak with contents restoration contractors about iCAT and the Fast Packout app, they always seemed impressed with the wide range of solutions we offer to make their jobs easier. However, these professionals increasingly ask about how they can leverage our solutions on the job site. Specifically, they want to know if they can […]

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