Please direct inquiries to: Mitchell Rogers, 888-494-4228 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: October 2013 Belfor Property Restoration Announces Partnership with iCAT Solutions Cloud-based software to offer greater ease and transparency to contents operations BIRMINGHAM, MI — Belfor, a world leader in property restoration and disaster recovery, has announced that it will implement software by iCAT Solutions to […]
These days, everyone wants more for less. Whether it’s fitting more versatility into a smaller package or simplifying a solution while adding more options, we tend to live and work in a world in which the easier something is to use, the more people will use it. In the contents restoration industry, this idea of […]
Almost every major industry has its own trade show or expo event, and this year property loss and contents restoration has an event all its own in the PLR Expo. It stands to be truly monumental for companies and contractors dealing in contents restoration, and iCAT is taking full advantage of the opportunity to showcase […]
Living up to the expectations of insurance adjusters while packing out and inventorying job sites is an everyday part of a contractor’s life. Each time you get your foot in the door at a new site, there’s a brand-new sense of duty that vests itself within you. But what if there were more to that […]
As a contractor, staying organized while rifling through a disorganized mess on the job site may seem like an oxymoron. When everything is already out of place, amassed in jumbled chaos, picking up the pieces and staying organized while you catalog each and every item has been a nearly impossible challenge—at least in years past. […]
When a home disaster like a fire or flood impacts someone’s home, time is of the essence when it comes to identifying, cataloging and reporting contents. This sense of urgency is two-sided, as both the homeowner and insurance claims adjuster want a quick resolution to the claim. For contractors, however, there has never been a […]
Any contents restoration contractor knows just how fun it can be to enter a job site and take on the monumental task of recording and cataloging damaged contents. The hours upon hours of digging through damaged items, crawling through dark spaces and identifying and recording each and every piece is every contractor’s dream of a […]
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: April 09 ,2013 FRSTeam Adds Value Through Partnership with iCAT Solutions Technology to improve delivery of fabric restoration services MARKHAM, Ontario – iCAT Solutions has announced that it will deliver value-added technology solutions to the products and services of FRSTeam, a leading fabric restoration company. Through the partnership, FRSTeam will leverage iCAT Solutions’ […]
Earlier today iCAT Solutions inc., the creators of the patent pending Fast Pack-Out© and Live Pack-Out© technologies, announced the release of the Fast Pack-Out© app 1.1.7 to the iTunes App Store. This new release introduces several new functionality options for contractors. “Feedback from our contractors helps us identify and prioritize development opportunities,” explained Director of […]
I was recently reading a very interesting article on marketing stunts, and was both intrigued and impressed by the creativity that these companies showed in finding ways to expose their brand to the consumer marketplace that wouldn’t easily be forgotten. See if you remember any of these stunts. 1996 ~ Taco Bell purchased ad space […]

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