“If you always do what you’ve always done…you’ll always get what you always got.” ~ Henry Ford The founder of the Ford Motor Company is accredited with introducing this saying, which has become something of a motivational guru’s dream statement, inspiring people to self-examination and change. I had a boss who used to love saying […]
It started while I was reading some business articles online and I happened upon this simple statement: “Everyone knows the recipe for a successful brand includes carefully defining what your business represents and delivering a consistent customer experience every time.” I instantly found myself doubting that everyone does, in fact, know that. It’s possible that […]
I find it interesting how many times I can ask a question and still get an original answer. I’ve heard everything from ‘What do you mean?’ to ‘I’m not sure I follow’ to ‘Absolutely not.’ when I’ve asked a very simple question of contractors.   Is your salvage a revenue stream?   Over a year […]
With connections right around the corner I find myself more excited for the show than ever before. What’s not to be excited about? We have multiple platforms to share with contents companies, although the real buzz seems to be focused on our Apple app, which supports everything from iPads to iPhones to some models of […]
Earlier today iCAT Solutions inc., the creators of the patent pending Fast Pack-Out© and Live Pack-Out© technologies, announced the release of the Fast Pack-Out© app 1.1 to the iTunes App Store. Following up on the success of the previous Apple app release, version 1.1 opens the technology door for your pack-out team to leverage the […]
“iCAT was invited to join the DKI Procurement program earlier this year,” explains Jeff Brettell, Director of Sales for iCAT Solutions inc. “It represented a partnership that we were only too happy to enhance and grow. Some of our best business partners are DKI members.” In June of this year iCAT Solutions inc. completed the […]
Transparency can add profit and improve the customer experience by subtracting the stress and anxiety that creates a more expensive customer. Yesterday we looked at three key triggers of anxiety that are relevant to our industry, and how they can add to the stress and anxiety that home owners feel during the restoration process. Today […]
Yesterday I wrote about the anxiety of waiting in lines, and how it impacts the customer experience. Today I’m going to continue that thought, looking at three key points that David Maister wrote that I think resonate in our industry. I see them as situations that every one of our customers is challenged with. 1. […]
In 2006 the Stern School of Business (NYU) published a paper exploring the value of transparency and the cost of complexity in relation to the accounting practices of business firms. While we cannot correlate their findings to our own industry, there is value in considering the questions that they asked. Today I’d like to focus […]
iCAT’s new CLOUD solution (available now) brings contents restoration software to the industry in a scalable model for the first time ever. iCAT knows that contractors face boom and bust challenges, and having an infrastructure that scales to their fluctuating revenue stream is the optimum solution. Contractors can now enter the software marketplace for as […]

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